Game rules
The following is prohibited:
  • Registration of more than one playable character by the same user in order to obtain a competitive advantage and/or increase the wealth of the user's other game characters, or game characters of third parties (multiple registrations).
  • Use of third-party tools to improve/automate gaming features (bots, cheats, etc.).
  • Content in the nickname of a character and/or in the title of a group that contains profanity or insults, registering names and nicknames affecting policy, inciting ethnic conflict or providing links to other internet resources that may do so. Also, to avoid confusion among players, nicknames and group titles should not be similar to the names (nicknames) or the group titles used by the Administration or other users.
  • Humiliation and denigration of the Administration, moderators, other players or third parties outside the game.
  • Violation or disregard for the rules of conduct using chat features (systematic, deliberate violations).
  • Use of game "bugs" (technical errors), or the transmission of information that communicates their existence to third parties or any other party except for the Administration.
  • Sending, transmitting, reproducing or distributing in any way aspects of the game software or other site materials, whether fully or partly protected by copyright or other rights, without the expressed permission of the owner or legal owner.
  • Dissemination of sexually explicit information or materials (in any form of presentation or dissemination), not suitable for public access by persons under the legal age of access to such information.
  • Committing or inciting third parties to commit acts prohibited by applicable law, including those related to drug trafficking, terrorist activities, calling for the overthrow of the legally elected government, pornography, or any form of discrimination based on gender, age, religion or any other characteristics.
  • Transferral of the details of your character (username, password) to other players, either free of charge or for in-game or actual currency, goods or services.
  • Asking for players passwords
  • Selling groups for in-game or actual currency, goods or service or the exchange of groups for game equipment, resources, etc.
  • Buying or selling things, artifacts, resources, or game currency from the game site for actual currency.

For these and other violations of the Game Rules, the user can immediately and without prior notice be denied the provision of game services, or such services may be limited in whole or in part.

The Administration manages and administers the game completely at its sole discretion.

Participation in and usage of all services of the game by a user is done exclusively at the user's own risk, on an "as is" basis. The Administration takes no responsibility under any circumstances for any direct and/or indirect damages that a player may incur in obtaining game services, or for the inability to obtain such services.

These rules may be modified by the Administration at any time without prior notice. The user shall review these terms periodically for changes, and at least once every seven days. In the event that such a review is not performed by the user within the specified time, or after reading the new version of the rules if the player continues to play the game, it constitutes that the player agrees to the new version of the rules.
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